The reality of being a landlord is that the phone can ring at any time of the day or night – with a tenant reporting anything from a dripping tap to a broken boiler. But if you instruct us to manage your property, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will be our phone ringing and not yours! From the moment you instruct us, we’ll manage all aspects of your property, from maintenance and repairs, to ensuring that the relevant legal requirements and safety procedures have been met.

You can sleep soundly knowing that the management of the building and accounts are stringently and regularly reviewed, to ensure professionalism, transparency and value for money at every stage. For a competitive annual fee of 5%, we will take care of your property as if it were our own; providing you with the peace of mind that your investment is being well maintained and properly looked after. Independent London now also use Fixflo as part of our maintenance service. A system that helps your tenants to fix simple issues themselves, gives us all of the information needed whenever a repair is requested and full records to protect our business. That system is Fixflo. It helps us to root out unnecessary issues and concentrate on the serious ones. It prevents unnecessary call outs and helps tenants determine their own responsibilities if they are unsure. If we are having difficulties understanding tenants who speak a different language? Fixflo is available in over 40 languages with each issue report being translated and sent to you in seconds. We work smarter. Tenants get quicker repairs. Contractors have fewer wasted trips. Owners get better asset protection.   TERMS AND CONDITIONS REPORT A REPAIR

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